Comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions form the core of our business – from procurement logistics right through to delivery.

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To be a leader in meeting local and global challenges in freight forwarding, shipping and logistics.


To provide customers with innovative and competitive freight forwarding, shipping and logistics solutions without compromising on the quality of our service.


Essa Al Mheiri

Essa Al Mheiri

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Essa Al Mheiri, son of Ali Al Jallaf a young entrepreneur. Mr. Essa Al Mheiri has pursued a life in the cargo transportation and logistics industry under his fathers mentorship. Mr. Essa has gained recognition in the industry. In 2019 Mr. Essa has won the election by the community of FF’s to be on the Executive bored of the National Association of Freight and Logistics(NAFL) in the UAE.

Ali Al Jallaf

Ali Al Jallaf


Mr. Ali Al Jallaf, is a renowned personality in the Air Cargo fraternity. Former Vice President of Dubai Airports and Dubai Cargo Village which has been re branded as Dubai International Airport Cargo Gateway. Mr. Ali was also an active member of the Dubai Civil Aviation. Dubai Cargo Village took the right shape and started functioning efficiently under his leadership.

Osman Mohamed Farah

Osman Mohamed Farah

Vice Chairman

Mr. Osman Mohamed Farah, is a well-known figure in the sea air and air freight industry. He is a Master Mariner of ocean-going vessels. He started his career in 1985 as a Ship Captain. In 2004, Mr. Osman joined Air Cargo Trader LLC, in developing the Eastern African trade lane of the business. His expertise in the region and involvement has contributed to the successful growth of ACT’s business in Eastern Africa, particularly in Kenya.